Acetaminophen For Dogs

WARNING: Acetaminophen for dogs can be dangerous

Too much acetaminophen can make your dog (or cat or other pet) very sick. The toxic amount of acetaminophen for dogs is 75 mg per kg of body weight. 1 kg is 2.2 pounds.

The pills on this site contain 500 mg of acetaminophen. They should NOT be given to any dog or pet that weighs less than 17 pounds unless you remove the acetaminophen from them.

How To Remove Acetaminophen From These Pills

It is very easy to remove the acetaminophen from these pills.

Simply split them in half, they are put together like a green and white sandwich.

The green half is the methocarbomol and the white half is the acetaminophen.

This short video shows you how easy it is to do.

The video also mentions that methocarbomol melts at a much lower temperature.

Here is a picture of methocarbomol and acetaminophen that have been left in an oven set to 220 F for 30 minutes.

acetaminophen for dogs

The melting point of methocarbamol is 204 F (96 Celcius)
The melting point of acetaminophen is 334 F (168 Celcius)

As you can see, the green methocarbamol side became gooey, sticky, and fell apart as soon as a knife touched it, in short, it melted. The acetaminophen (the white half) was still rock hard after 30 minutes at 220 F.

Remember, only give your pet the green part. The methocarbamol dosage information is on the front of the site. DO NOT give your dog the white half.

How To Give Methocarbamol To Your Dog

Methocarbamol dosing is weight based. You must have some idea how much your dog weighs.

Dosage Summary

On day one give 20-30 mg per pound of the dog’s weight, twice per day.

On day 2 and onward give 10-30 mg per pound of body weight, twice per day.

Using the dosage chart. You might want to start by giving your dog 1/2 the recommended amount the first day to see how well the dog tolerates the methocarbomol. Remember NEVER give your dog the white part.

Methocarbamol has a slightly unpleasant taste your dog will probably not like. There are several ways to administer it. You can crush up the green side and mix it with food. You could let it disolve in a bit of water and mix it in with dry or wet food. The methocarbomol will dissolve in just under 5 minutes. Just put an inch of water in a cup and drop the green half in and wait 5 minutes.


Melting point for methocarbamol

Melting point for acetaminophen

Acetaminophen Toxicity Level 

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